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The ISGA educates the public, policy makers and regulators on what social games are, how the social games industry works and the value it generates both for the digital economy and the people who love to play social games.

We work on behalf of our members to:

  • Support evidence-based policy making
  • Secure a proportionate approach to regulation

  • Positively promote the social games industry and its interests

Benefits of membership include:

  • Knowledge and market insight
  • Regulatory expertise and advice

  • Access to and participation in our global network of social games industry leaders and policy experts

We offer resources to the public through our Smart Mobile Gamers , which is an educational website. Smart Mobile Gamers does not provide customer support and does not provide advice on specific cases. 

  • If you are a consumer having a problem with your game, please contact the app developer or publisher 

  • If you are a consumer having a problem with your game purchase, please contact the payment provider 

  • Enquires submitted by players of social games via the form below will not be responded to 

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