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News & Research

ISGA Visit: Building Trust and Safety in Mobile Games.

We were delighted to host a Friends of Video Games event at Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra.

ISGA Update: Smart Mobile Gamers Website

We are pleased to announce a major update of our Smart Mobile Gamers website as part of our strong and ongoing commitment to self-regulation, which is recognised as the most effective way of ensuring compliance across the global industry.

ISGA Visit: Australian House of Representatives Committee

Another trip to Australia this month to discuss Classification, Loot boxes, Tax-off sets, secondary market, consumer protection and more…!

ISGA Research: Global Demographics Report 2018

The ISGA’s research programme ensures that we understand how social games are played and the impact they have on players, allows us to revise and update our Best Practice Principles, and provides a solid basis for constructive dialogue with key stakeholders.

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