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ISGA Update: Smart Mobile Gamers Website

We are pleased to announce a major update of our Smart Mobile Gamers website as part of our strong and ongoing commitment to self-regulation, which is recognised as the most effective way of ensuring compliance across the global industry.

Smart Mobile Gamers provides simple, practical information to help people have a positive mobile games experience. The service is aimed at parents, carers, teachers and gamers of all ages.

Smart Mobile Gamers includes an easy to understand guide to what mobile games are, how they are played, and information to help manage the games experience, including paid-for features. There are dedicated sections on how to download a game safely, manage in-game purchases and game notifications and understanding age ratings and how your data is used.

The site also offers advice – from industry experts – on how to handle difficult situations, if they arise, such as moderating the amount of time spent playing games and dealing with unpleasant behaviour by fellow gamers.

In creating the site, Smart Mobile Gamers collaborated with some of the world’s most respected digital safety organisations and experts including the Family Online Safety Institute, Childnet International, Project Rockit (Australia), Dr Rachel Kowert (an accredited video games researcher and expert in the US) and Dr Richard Graham (a leading consultant and adolescent psychiatrist in the UK).

Smart Mobile Gamers is an initiative of the International Social Games Association (ISGA), we are the worldwide not-for-profit representative body of social games operators and developers. The ISGA believes that by providing the correct tools and advice, gamers can have a positive games experience.

Luc Delany, CEO of the ISGA, “Playing video games is all about having fun, it doesn’t matter how old we are, or where we live, it’s simply an enjoyable pastime and we want to make sure that everyone has all the tools they need to play their video game with confidence.

This is why our focus has always been on making Smart Mobile Gamers user-friendly so that visitors can easily access the information they need in a way that is engaging and helpful.

It’s about being fit for purpose in a sector that is growing so rapidly and it aligns seamlessly with our regularly updated Best Practice Principles which are based on the core values of consumer protection, accountability and transparency".

Smart Mobile Gamers can be found at

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