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ISGA Visit: Australian House of Representatives Committee

Another trip to Australia this month to discuss Classification, Loot boxes, Tax-off sets, secondary market, consumer protection and more…!

Australia remains the hot place to be to discuss the future regulation of video games as the House of Representatives Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs continues to seek evidence for it’s inquiry into gambling, loot boxes and simulated gambling.

One thing for certain is that the Committee will make recommendations to limit loot boxes in some capacity. This could be an outright ban (less likely) to higher classifications and labelling requirements (probably more likely).

The long awaited Digital Games Tax Offset has yet to be passed into law but will do so inevitably. I hope the limitations of the offset don’t limit it’s effectiveness once entered into force.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has again confirmed through enforcement actions that if a loot box is used to cash-out for real money on secondary markets, or skins are used for betting then you are already in breach of existing Australian law. AMCA need the resources and mandate to go after more of these bad actors.

One thing is certain – we’re a long way from a settled regulatory landscape in Australia… watch this space.

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